(59 customer reviews)

Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box – Automatic with Double Odor Removal

$599.00 $423.49

Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box – Automatic with Double Odor Removal

(59 customer reviews)
$599.00 $423.49

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Product Dimensions

23.62"L x 23.62"W x 27.95"H

Date First Available ‏ : ‎

July 23, 2021

Manufacturer ‏ : ‎


Best Sellers Rank:

#21 in Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Boxes

Customer Reviews:

378 ratings







Item Weight

26 Pounds



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Special reminder to consumers. Intelligent cat litter box is an innovative product, there may be some problems in use that you do not expect, please do not be anxious and contact customer service at the first time, our experts will be happy to answer any questions for you. If you encounter the problem of APP wireless connection WIFI when using for the first time, please give priority to 2.4G WIFI.


Features Youll Love: Auto/Smart/Self Clean. It automatically cleans itself after each use by separating waste from clean litter and depositing it in the waste drawer below.

Know Your Cat Well: Aside one-click replacement of cat litter, App(android / iOS only) remote control can help you monitor cat situation in real time. Every cat can be recognized and recorded individually, it will keep the record of every cat’s toilet habits. You can check your cat’s health management reports anytime .

Multiple Safety Protection Design: Anti- pinch cat safety hatch, four gravity sensors, fault Sound Effect Reminder, infrared sensor, smart detection. Since 2018, thousands of cat lovers have chosen this box, no accidents involving cats.

Odor Removal: Independently developed purifying device releases ozone to remove unpleasant odors. After each excrement shoveling, it will purify automatically to remove peculiar smell timely,keep the air fresh.

Three Modes Available: Scheduled-cleaning Mode, Auto-cleaning Mode and Sleep Mode. Working state noise is about 35dB, quiet for reading or sleep.

Support Most Cat Little: It’s suitable for Tofu Litter, Bentonite litter, Sodium based litter, Mixed Litter and all other kinds of cat litters, except crystal cat litters.

High Capacity & Large Space: 10L large capacity can support more than two weeks off , you don’t need scoop, clean or refill the cat litter box.

Easy to Disassemble and Wash: There is no need to assemble. It is easy to disassemble without tools. The top cover, hatch and toilet bin are all washable.

5G Support &Warranty: 1-year guarantee and free replacement. Search for ”HM pet ”APP in App store.You can follow the OPERATION VIDEO connect the box to your phone, it support 2.4G. If you have any questions , please contact us.


Safety, the top priority.

Protect your pet with three layers of advanced safety technology that stop working whenever your cat is detected. Secure induction motor protection. Physical separation anti-pinch device. Gravity sensing device stop when cat step on.

Clearance Function

Easy for you to simply and replace cat litter. When it needs to be cleaned and replaced at one time, you can press and hold the button for more than 7s and release it after hearing the emit a didi, or use the clearing button in the mobile APP to perform the clearing operation.

Connected Smart Home App

Remotely take track of your cats situation.You can access and adjust settings and view activity reports anywhere you have an internet connection.

Easy to Disassemble ,Screw Free

There is no need to assemble after receiving .when cleaning it, you don’t need to screw down.It can be easily disassembled in 10 seconds. Major parts are washable. We recommend cleaning the trash can at least once a week, the frequency of cleaning depends on the cat’s family.

High Capacity&Large Space

The large interior space provides a good toileting experience for cats.It has 10L waste drawer and 6L cat litter capacity, which can support 2 weeks without cleaning. Don’t worry when the pet owner on short trips. It is suitable for cats: 2.2lb-17.64lb.

HOW TO CONNECT TO APP(android / iOS only)?

iOS or Android can scan this QR code to download the APP.

Follow the steps below to install the APP.


  1. Fully Self-cleaning Cat Litter Box
  2. User Manual
  3. 1 Roll of Litter Bag
  4. 12V 2A Power Supper

Basic information:

Material ABS
Colour White
Item Dimensions L*W*H 22.24*22.24*25.98 inches
Item Weight 24.25LB
Voltage 110-240V
Application Cat Litter Box
Suits for 2.2lb-17.64lb of cats
APP Control YES
WiFi 2.4G
Use For Multiples Cats
Modes 3
Odor Removal Y
Litter bin capacity 10L
Poop bins capacity 6L
Noise 35dB
Cat Litter Type Tofu Litter

Bentonite litter

Sodium based litter

Mixed Litter

all kinds of cat litters except crystal cat litters

Product Dimensions

23.62"L x 23.62"W x 27.95"H

Date First Available ‏ : ‎

July 23, 2021

Manufacturer ‏ : ‎


Best Sellers Rank:

#21 in Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Boxes

Customer Reviews:

378 ratings







Item Weight

26 Pounds



Target Species


59 reviews for Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box – Automatic with Double Odor Removal

  1. Wanda GomezWanda Gomez

    3 months and going strong

    Amazing device. I was hesitant because of how expensive it is. But omg is it worth every penny. I no longer have to break my back cleaning a box everyday for my cute cat boys. The home smell like sweet old nothing which is the best. This was a great investment for my health as well. I highly recommend.When it comes to errors, they are usually pretty simple to solve, just gotta look around the machine make sure nothing is stuck. Or check if the basket is full. Works beautifully.

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  2. cj krienheder

    Works 95% of the time!

    It is usually on it when my cat is done doing his buisness, but every once in a while (Roughly 2 weeks) It doesn’t sense that my cat was in it, and It sits there. And only a couple times in the past 4 months of owning it did I notice that certain shapes of waste seemed to get stuck on the sifter. But other than that, it does a great job!

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  3. MP’s Wife

    Stopped working after just over 1 month

    Update 9/8/22Received a warranty replacement at our doorstep a few days after Catlink indicated that they would be sending one. Catlink was very responsive to emails and was very kind in dealing with our issues. The new unit is working well in auto mode as of today, and we are happy with the help we received from Carlos and the entire support team at Catlink. They really genuinely seemed to care about figuring out why our unit stopped working, and worked with the engineering team by sharing our videos to help keep the issue from happening to others.Update 8/26/22Catlink support was very responsive to my email when the unit stopped working…they had me go through several troubleshooting tricks and send them quite a lot of documentation, to include videos of my following their troubleshooting instructions, and are replacing the defective unit under the warranty. Will update review as I have more information, but so far I am pleased with the warranty and am happy with the outcome. Will update again once the new unit arrivesOriginal review, 8/23/22:We bought this unit on Prime day. We started using it right away for our cats, following the setup instructions to a T. We have followed all instructions for filling litter, cleaning, emptying drawer, etc, but the auto clean feature has completely stopped working after 1 month and 8 days. Additionally, The sensor to stop the cleaning cycle has also stopped working, and now continues to spin even if one of my cats decides to step in while it is turning/cleaning. It feels like a complete waste of $599.I should have trusted my instincts and gone with Litter Robot brand

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  4. momokawa

    very easy to use

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     A cat litter robot is an innovative and convenient device designed to automate the task of cleaning your cat’s litter box. This robotic system uses advanced sensors and technology to detect when your cat has used the litter box and automatically initiates the cleaning process.Once your cat exits the litter box, the robot will start by sifting through the litter to remove any solid waste and clumps. The waste is then deposited into a sealed waste compartment, which helps to eliminate odors and keep your home smelling fresh and clean.Some cat litter robots also come equipped with features like self-cleaning litter trays, programmable cleaning schedules, and the ability to detect when the litter box is full and needs to be emptied. Additionally, many models are designed with low noise levels, making them a great choice for households with sensitive pets.With a cat litter robot, you can save time and effort on litter box cleaning, and enjoy a more hygienic and odor-free home. It’s a great investment for any cat owner who wants to simplify their pet care routine and provide their furry friend with a clean and comfortable space to do their business. Very recommended for people that have cat to but the cat litter robot

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  5. Rose

    Game changer

    I got this cat box as a Christmas gift from my husband. It has increased my quality of life as well as my cat’s. Not exaggerating at all. My cat doesn’t weigh enough for the auto function to work but it’s easy enough to hit the button in passing. The bags it comes with has handles so it makes it so easy to toss out. It took about a month for my cat to start using it but now the growing pains are gone I couldn’t imagine myself without it.

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  6. Chi Zhang

    Easy to use, but not very clean

    It’s easy to use, but not as clean as the hand scoop can do

  7. Emma

    Love this litter box!

    I really thought that it would take some time for my car to get used to this litter box – boy was I wrong. 15 mins after I set it up she went in and used it! The only negative thing I have to say about this is that the app is stinky and I cannot get the litter box to connect to my wifi, I’ve tried numerous different things. The other thing is that I need to unplug it a few times a day so that it will actually clean and get rid of the waste. Other than that I love it and my cat loves it!

  8. Bri smith

    Gets the job done

    I’ve had this for about a month now. I’ve had to make little adjustments on it here and there but overall It’s greatly reduced the workload.Pros:The safety setting, auto stop work well. Easy to set up and use. Quiet. Didn’t freak out my cat at all.Cons:The grates are a little flimsy so I had to tape it in. I also occasionally have to check it got everything since the flimsy grate doesn’t always go under the first bit of litter.Would recommend.

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  9. Chikis Ruiz

    Lasted 8 months without a problem

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     Less than a year, it’s been working great but this morning I noticed that it just keeps running non stop, I had to unplug it

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  10. No one

    Stressed Out Cat

    Let me preface by saying we moved and then immediately got this cat box. It was a bad idea on our part. Too much change for our little guy and he’s still stressed out about it. (It’s been a couple months) He looks at it wide eyed as it does it’s turning thing. We leave it unplugged now so he doesn’t have to witness it move. We’ll plug it in when he’s asleep or in another room so that it can clean. It sounds silly but he looks HELLA concerned every time so we gotta do what we gotta do.I also feel like it’s not long enough for him. He’s just a 10lb little guy but from my understanding of cats they like a box that’s nice a roomy whether it’s clean or not.He still uses it and the odors are non existent so the machine does its job but my cat is not a fan.

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  11. ChocolateMaven

    Terrible manual and somewhat opaque user interface

    The box seems to work, mostly. However, we have found it not to have run occasionally and it’s not clear which mode you’re in and we’ve dumped the whole load of litter while just trying to run a “clean” cycle. All in all, though, happy with purchase.

  12. Vic

    Works GREAT!!!

    We have 3 cats so as you may know that’s a lot of waste to clean. We were worried about getting the LitterRobot because there were SO many mixed reviews and it was $300 more than the Catlink. So we took a risk and are really glad we did. The machine works well, is very intuitive and easy to use. We’ve had it for the last 6 months now and it’s stellar. Having 3 cats, it’s nice that after one uses it, it’s cleaned before the next one goes in (most of the time). The basket fills up and needs to be emptied after about 1.5-2 weeks. It’s great especially when we go away, the caretaker doesn’t have to worry themselves with cleaning their litter box. It was well worth our money. It is rather large but when I think about not having the clean the litter daily it’s worth the space it takes up and every penny we spent.

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  13. H Kerstes

    I’m not thrilled

    First off, you need a large dedicated space. My old litter box was in my laundry room but this one not only doesn’t fit there but with no outlet nearby it’s not an option.It needs resetting frequently. I’ve only had it for 4 months; I don’t see this lasting years and for that kind of money, I would’ve hoped for more.The opening is too small to fill with litter. You have to pour the litter into a cup and then into the box. Very inconvenient!But the biggest problem is that it still smells like a cat litter box. It’s a slight improvement over the traditional cat litter box and it it definitely needs less cleaning but for the money it’s not worth it.

  14. Barbara C.

    Clean box-No scooping!

    The Cat Link litter box was my third try at a self-cleaning litter box. The first one was just not up to the quality that I wanted. The second one was awesome quality wise; the problem was one of my cats would not go in.The entrance was small and circled in black. Also, I had no interest in being able to control it or get messages from my phone.The Cat Link is basic-clears after the cats uses it automatically-or you can do it manually. It lets you know when the catch tray needs emptied, which is quite large. That is all I wanted. Plus, both my cats use it!

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    2 cat home best purchase!

    I have 2 young cats and 4 kids ages 17-4. The upkeep of the cat litter was more than any of us could manage. Constant fighting about cleaning duties. After this purchase, it has eliminated the issues. The odor is better (I do recommend adding a sprinkle of a deodorizer on top of your litter weekly to help) the mess is better, the tracking of littler on cat paws is better – everything has improved. Ease of changing the litter bag – my kids can do it. It has flawlessly worked. Is it completely hands free? No. We do go in and clorox wipe the inside down, remove some clumps of litter on the grate that sifts the litter, etc, but overall the work is minimal- and we may have to do this because we have 2 cats. The time it takes to clean everything is significantly less than it was cleaning 2 boxes myself. Our cats adjusted immediately, we just sat them both in there to start and never had any issues transitioning – best advice I can give is don’t keep the old box! Just go for it! The step is an added expense but 100% worth it, it helps so much with the litter tracking in the house. Hands down, best thing we have added to our home. It works well for a multiple cat house.

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  16. cherry-gicherry-gi

    The QUIET Litter Robot you can have

    I had the other famous cat litter robot for more than 2 years. You can not omit that cat litter robot provide convenient and free your hands from scooping cat litter daily. However, the one that I used to have cannot eliminate odor completely, and it’s noisy when it is on cycle.BUT this brand, Catlink, is a different case. It is quite, no odor at all. It looks good, matte white. Easy to use, easy to set to the mode you want. Cost less compares to the other brand of the litter robot box. Highly recommended! Worth the money!!

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  17. Erin Thomas

    Litter Filter/Mesh/Screen/Sieve Broke

    My cats destroyed the screen that actually filters and separates the waste from the litter. I can’t find any way to order a replacement part online and I’m really bummed out.

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  18. Melissa Crane

    So far, so good

    I was a bit apprehensive at first but the unit works great! No more cleaning the cat box and far less smell!! Finally found a brand of litter that works best. I have 2 cats, they took to it the first day.

  19. han zat

    I don’t like this

    First opening the box , I fell it’s just a big plastic.. something doesn’t worth this money .I don’t like the way to add the litter in it . Seems not convenient.I thought I can control it by my phone but somehow .. need to understand all the buttons on the machine I order to control it .Not sure if I put too much litter but after I start the machine , half of my litter is already in the trash box.My cat is weird about the machine also . Cause I put it in automatic mood and they got scared when every time the machine just started to work .Over all , not a big fan of the this so returned it

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  20. SundéB

    Awesome Box

    This box came to me super quick. It was very easy to set up and is very easy to use. Did I mention it’s very quiet and the bin for the poop is great for fast clean up. Unfortunately, my kitty just didn’t like it as much as I did. He just refused to use it. Customer service was very nice and helpful. They answered my emails swiftly and gave me several tips/tricks to try out with my kitty. I would definitely recommend this box to anyone. It’s great. I wish my kitty loved it as much as I did.

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  21. Maria

    Best so far!

    So far so good! Some poop does get stuck on the screen but beats scooping poop every day! Towards the last couple of days before the tray is full you can start smelling the litter, but that’s an easy fix! I haven’t cleaned a litter box is weeks and I can’t be happier! Worth every penny! I would invest in a mat for the outside of the box as I do see more litter around the area as before.

  22. Nicole Sensini

    Works great !

    This is so cool!



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     sometimes I do forget to clean my boys box..and I feel horrible for the neglect. But no more. Read instructions first and follow along and it will be easy. Do not over think it when setting up. Only thing I was having an issue with was getting the app set up. But the box is awesome! My boy went right in and it cleaned it and did everything it said it would perfectly. It’s a nice size as well for the larger cats like my boy. The step for the litter catching is nice

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  24. Mary Anne Clark

    Got on sale but worth every penny

    You do need to wash out sometimes, but it’s so easy to clean day to day, just empty bottom tray/bag. Note this one does not have wifi so you can’t monitor. Disappointed about that.

  25. irishrose

    Game changer!

    I was very hesitant to spend so much money but I was just DONE scooping litter. After all my research and seeing the coupon I finally chose this model and I wish I had bought it years ago! No assembly required, and it’s worked perfectly since I plugged it in. I also purchased the step and it definitely helped with my cats.I have two cats, just over a year old. They took to it immediately – though one thought it was a new bed when I first poured the litter in. I threw some stuff from their actual litter box in there so they’d understand and there’s been no issues since.If you’re thinking about one but hesitant due to the price I can say it’s worth every single penny.

  26. Solaria

    Money well spent

    I don’t know what possessed me to buy this thing. I thought it was a gimmick that wouldn’t work well and I really didn’t have the money to throw away.Well, it’s been a few months now and I love it! I was worried my cats wouldn’t like it and I was worried they wouldn’t fit in it but they took to it immediately. And they actually fit! (They weigh 19 lb each).It’s almost like not having a cat box anymore. I don’t have to constantly think about it and sift. I just change the bag once every 5 or 6 days. It’s quick and easy.And 10 stars to customer support. They are awesome!

  27. Laura

    This product has been god sent

    I love this product. It has helped me so much when I go through those bouts where I am so busy and the last thing I want to do is clean my cat’s litter. I have a one cat household, he weighs around 12 lbs and is fairly long and he fits in perfectly. I would say this litter box might be small for larger cats like maine coons. I dont know how efficient it would be for a multicat household, you would have to be filling up the litter and taking out the bags more often. For my needs, this is perfect and works as expected.

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  28. jeanne

    I don’t have to clean are touch

    Just lift bag out, no noise

  29. Karen D.

    I wished I had made this purchase sooner !

    I am so happy with this product. I read a ton of reviews and it was tough to make a decision mainly because of the cost. I liked that this model over the Litter Robot was slightly smaller and also the coupon and good reviews helped a lot. So far, this has been life changing to not have to scoop daily. I have had no issues and works like a charm. At first, I couldn’t hear it at all but not you can hear a tiny squeal from it which honestly I prefer as I have it set on Auto and now I can know when it is being used. I hope it continues to function as I couldn’t be more happy with it 🙂

  30. Alexzander Woodward

    Works great!

    Overall this product has worked perfect and has met all my expectations. I haven’t had any issues with this machine malfunctioning. It’s really simple, I change out the bag every couple of days, and change out the litter when I think it needs refreshed. Also no more daily scooping! I have two male cats and this litter box has no problem keeping up with how often they use the restroom.

  31. Susan A.

    Happy cat! happy owner !!

    After finally getting her to use it, we are both now enjoying the clean litter and no scooping poop❗️Filling more litter can get messy, I just pour into plastic container and dump in.

  32. Harley DentonHarley Denton

    Hard to put litter in

    I love this litter robot, my only problem/complaint is it’s hard to get litter in the tiny opening and when it dumps the waste in the bottom try it doesn’t seem to fill up the whole thing so you’ll have to shake it to make the waste more evenly distributed in the tray. I have two large cats and honestly I’m so thankful I got this one regardless of the little quirks. Holds a lot with no smell.

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  33. Amazon Reader

    Life Made Easier

    Didn’t use this for over a month because one group of feral cats I tend in a back house refused to go near it. So it sat there. Then I rescued a new stray mother and three kittens who I recently moved from a spare bathroom into the garage for space. They’d been using a top entry litter box. Needless to say, the extra cats & all the boxes was enormous work.The young cats took to the unit right away. They just hop onto the old top entry cat box as a step. What’s good is that all of them now have dry fresh litter. I do have to empty the bottom tray every two days, but it’s not nearly as much work as before. I just upend it into a trash bag. However, I keep the same liner bag in the drawer since it’s a challenge to attach a new one, plus this saves money. So that seems the only negative. More thorough written directions would also be helpful in the beginning. I’m still trying out the different clumping litters — currently sampling the Arm & Hammer ones. Can’t pour directly from the boxes into this unit, so have to use a smaller container. So far the litter isn’t sticking that much to the unit’s sides, but am going to try out the anti-stick spray anyway. I do check the unit everyday, but then this is used by four cats.Yes, it’s an outlay of money, for caretakers with three or more cats, it’s the only way to keep one’s sanity.

  34. Joseph S.

    Auto mode stopped working after one day

    The auto feature stopped working on the kitty litter box after a day. They quickly talked with me to get me a replacement in a timely manner. Super helpful. great experience overall

  35. Sherri Malchow

    Happy So Far!

    We’ve had this for 3 weeks so far and it’s been working well. We purchased a litter robot about a year ago but needed another self-cleaning litterbox for our entry way. We don’t need the wi-fi features and like that this unit is a little smaller than out litter robot, but also has a bigger waste drawer. The downside is you have to buy the catlink drawer liners, our litter robot works with other small wastebags (not just the brand ones).We have three cats, and still 1 will not use our automatic litter boxes. But the two using the litter robot immediately started using the catlink as well. The cats that use the automatic boxes used to pee & poo elsewhere if the old fashioned litter boxes weren’t kept clean. So these have been life-savers (for the cats -JK).The automatic litter boxes are in our entry way and off our living room, so important areas to keep the odor down. Our old-fashioned plastic litter boxes (3) are in our basement. Now that only 1 cat is using the basement ones, life is much easier, and less stinky!!!!I think the catlink is a good alternative to the litter robot. Especially since it’s cheaper, has a larger waste drawer, and fits in a smaller space. It is also quieter. But if you want to connect to your phone and know litter box usage, you’ll have to upgrade to the other catlink or get a litter robot. So far we are happy with our investment. Hoping prices go down so we can get 1-2 more and eliminate the scooping all together, that is if our 3rd cat will use them!

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  36. J. Cain

    I wish I’d bought this a lot sooner!

    I’ve been researching automatic litter boxes like this one for quite some time before I finally made the purchase. We just moved into a new home, and I wanted one litter box for my 10 cats that would be cleaned every time one of them used it. I have one cat that is a prima donna, and he won’t use the litter box if he considers it too dirty. He’ll go to the bathroom elsewhere. Usually the floor.This litter box comes in a very large box, and there wasn’t much assembly required. My cats took to using it immediately, and I was pleased to see it worked so well to keep the litter clean. My prima donna cat has only had one accident since we got it, and that was my fault. I forgot to put the litter box back on “Auto” after cleaning it one day, so it got too dirty for his liking.As for emptying the storage container at the bottom of the unit, with 10 cats, I empty it every other day. If you only have 1-2 cats, you could easily go a week between emptying the container.Also, cleaning it is super easy! You press the button to have it empty its contents, then you wipe it down with water. Nothing clings to the sides like you might experience with a standard litter box. One swipe, and it all came off.I ran into one problem with it, but it was easy enough to fix. After it ran a cycle, I put some litter into it. The sensors thought a cat had entered the box and never left, so it didn’t empty after my cats used it. To fix this, I emptied the box out, decided to use the opportunity to clean it, then put the litter back into the box. This reset the sensors, and it started working again normally.I’m VERY pleased with this product, and I wish I had purchased it a long time!

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  37. Bea Y.Bea Y.

    Does what it’s supposed to do.

    I bought this product with some trepidation because of some of the reviews. I was prepared for the worst. Fortunately, however, my experience has been great. I followed the set up instructions and my two very curious fur babies used it without hesitation. I woke up the following morning to them both, sitting side by side as they gazed with fascination at the cleaning cycle. Now here’s what I learned. There’s no filter or deodorizer that can mask or completely eliminate the scent of cat litter after a period of five days. I anticipated not changing the litter bag for seven days but by the end of the fourth day,it had to go. I realized that the pan actually held pure waste without the coating of litter as in the traditional box to cover over the smell. So using my knowledge of cats and their elimination results, I added some litter to the litter bag with a generous amount of baking soda (just the one from my pantry), when changing the litter bag, the end result was two additional days before changing. I have two large male cats and was used to scooping twice a day, so not having to worry about litter for five to six days is a hallelujah. I’ve had no mechanical issues. I unplug before opening the litter draw as the booklet instructs, add litter and some baking soda to the drum, if necessary and vacuum the area before plugging back in. I also fill only to the line, no covering over line with litter. My cats are happy, I’m happy. In fact the younger one climbed in and sat down relaxing, watching me while I was brushing my teeth, I guess having clean litter makes it a good place to hangout. I do think though that for the price the step should have been included. This was my first month, I’ll give an update when I’ve completed my second month. From my experience so far, I think if the price is reduced, much more people would purchase for the joy of not having to scoop and the freedom and flexibility of being away for a few days without having to worry about finding someone to do that while you’re away.

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  38. Shelly Armstrong

    Amazing unit and Outstanding Customer Service

    Purchased the CATLINK robot litter box a little over a year ago. We have two cats – one had no issues adapting to the new litter box, while the other one took some time to adjust to the enclosed space. It has made our lives a lot easier. We can now take we long trips without having to worry about the litter box. We recently had an issue with the liner that holds the litter, so we sent a message to the CATLINK customer support. Was not expecting a lot from the company since the unit was no longer under warranty. WOW –The customer service provided by CATLINK was AMAZING. They responding to my email the same day. Requested some additional information and within a week CATLINK sent us a replacement liner at no cost. CATLINK customer service sent a follow up email to make sure we had received the new liner and to ensure we had no issues installing the new liner. While installing the new liner, somehow we lost the north magnet. Without hesitation CATLINK sent us a replacement magnet We love the CATLINK litter box and would highly recommend this unit. Once again, the customer service provided by CATLINK was simply mind blowing, they went above and beyond my expectations.

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  39. Kaitlyn

    Idk when I last scooped the litter!

    Oh my God. So, I debated about buying one of these (esp a knock off brand; ie. Anything other than litter robot) for MONTHS. I have multiple cats and one of my girls will occasionally be prissy and pee just outside my litterbox on the rubber mat. Super annoying. So I was really skeptical about getting one thinking I’d still have the same problem on top of worrying that one litterbox wouldn’t be enough. So far this litterbox is amazing!!!!! Like more amazing than words can even describe. My largest cat is 14lbs and I was nervous when I opened it and saw the size of the porthole to get in but he figured it out and fits in it fine. It’s so easy to change the bag out and it’s very user friendly. Also because of the carbon filter there’s barely any smell! It’s freaking awesome. The only thing I’m genuinely worried about is that the motor will eventually crap out on me and I’ll have to pay a bunch of money to have it fixed. But I also plan on getting the extra year warranty. It’s also very quiet! Overall, other than my car….this is the best investment I’ve made for myself. I also got it on sale for prime week so that was an added bonus. But It’s so nice not to have to scoop litter everyday!!!!!

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  40. HBG

    I rarely write reviews, BUT

    I rarely write reviews, BUT, after just changing the litter on this machine I had to take five minutes to share my thoughts because this is a quality-of-life changer. I purchased this five months ago, and, after getting over being daunted by the size and operation manual, I sat down to read the instructions (which are clear) and the machine took over on auto mode, which is where I have kept it. It has run flawlessly for five months — and here’s where you get your money back: YOU WILL HAVE TO PURCHASE ABOUT 5 percent OF THE LITTER YOU USED TO HAVE TO BUY! WARNING: When you dump the clumps (I just pull out the drawer, and dump the clumps without changing the plastic liner), unplug the machine — then replug it after removing the waste and it will go through a normal cycle. NO MORE SMELL! This has totally changed the quality of life of caring for three house cats…and I purchased this, I believe, before the $150 coupon — and it was WORTH IT! Happy customer!

    4 people found this helpful

  41. NobodyNobody

    Basic Version, good value

    The media could not be loaded.

     I got my first Catlink litter box in March of 2022. It is very reliable and easy to set up , and it can be connected my phone to monitor my cat’s health situation… but it cost me over $600 …. While during the holiday season, I saw Catlink has basic version and it is only $400+, there is no doubt, I love it! It is ready to use while I open the box, since it is basic version, so there is No Bluetooth and no wifi connection. It can set up as automatic clean or manually clean status. It is quiet while tuning, and it is very safety , my cats are always curious about his or her waste.. lol, whenever litter box is running, they are trying to climb and watch why it is running… whenever cats step on, the litter box will stop working. When cats step out, the litter box back to turning again to clean the waste.. so far so good, I love Catlink! I might get more since I have 4 cats.. it saved me a lot time!

    15 people found this helpful

  42. janet wheelock

    No scooping

    I read a lot of reviews and decided on this machine. It is great for my cats.

  43. A cat momA cat mom

    Best Customer service

    I have 4 cats, quite a task for scooping everyday. So got the “young” version when the Cyber Monday sale. A huge box arrived, Set it up at the basement, run. No not working…it did not turn after the cat used.So called the customer service, they responded quickly, we did few calibration tests as they said but still not run on the “Auto Mode” then they suggested the sensors out and back in, then TA-DA! It worked!!!! The machine is on the normal operation!! It was 1 phone call and 2 emails for 2 business days. Thank you for the support Team!! And this is my real honest experience. The machine works fine and properly. I left the other rates because just had it.

  44. Carson

    Beat many I have spent on the cat.

    Great product, easy to use and clean. Best money I have spent on the cat.

  45. Julia JensenJulia Jensen

    So far so good!

    I just got my litter box yesterday and so far I am in love with it!! I’ve been wanting to buy a high end box like this for months and did a lot of research. Catlink won in the end. 2 of my 3 cats were unsure about it, but they’re gradually getting used to it. My youngest cat took to it immediately. The thing is really quiet, the loudest sound is the clumps falling into the waste drawer. The unit is kind of tall, I had to put a step underneath it so it’s easier for my cats to get through the opening. I might buy the step for it in the future. It can be a little bit hard to tell which mode you’re in, I accidentally emptied all of the litter already. Other than that I am so happy I finally made this purchase and hopefully won’t have any major issues with it.

    3 people found this helpful

  46. RST@S

    Works well now- Great customer service

    Had a few issues and required re calibration of box for cats weight. Works consistently now and the customer service to help me out was phenomenal. On occasion it does have an odor but I am getting used to the proper fill amount of litter. I wish there was a more active odor proofing rather than a charcoal filter on the front of the litter drawer.Cats adopted easily to it. It works! I have two cats and must drawer becomes full every 5-6 days. I wish the catch drawer was a bit bigger- but overall a nice item- Bottom line its nice not scooping everyday and allows for an overnight or 2 business trip.Again customer service was great when I had an issue- nice people who want you to be happy with the product.

    2 people found this helpful

  47. DJ

    It didn’t work

    I bought this thinking I would give it a try with my 4 cats. It was on sale for Black Friday, the savings was quite a bit at around $300. It arrived quickly. Its packaging kept the contents safe and secure.It was very easy to put together. However the directions for getting it to do its thing were very difficult to decipher. Maybe a link to a site with video instructions would help? I think I read and re-read the instructions at least 50 times. Every time I pushed the buttons it beeped loudly and drove my dog up the wall. I worked with the litter box for over an hour trying to figure out why it wouldn’t do anything after my cat left the box. My spouse finally discovered that the weight sensor did not work. Without the weight sensor the CATLINK box had no clue a cat had even gotten in it so it would not rotate to dispose of the clumps. We contacted the company and they sent us a return label. They didn’t offer to replace anything! They just sent us a return label, we returned the CATLINK litter box and that was it. Therefore, I haven’t a clue if the CATLINK litter box was odor free or easy to use or clean. I would have liked to have gotten to actually try it. The litter box itself was very nice looking, and seemed sturdy. It had a thick carbon filter and it came with a bag already in the tray. Overall I can only give the CATLINK Automatic Cat litter box a 2 out of 5 stars. I really wish they would have offered to send a replacement.

  48. LauraRN

    worth it

    I have 3 cats and I work 12hr shifts, so a robot litter box has been something I have been wanting.It was a little confusing to get it into auto mode, but just play with it for a while with the directions and eventually I got it set to a 3 minute delay to clean waste after cat goes in. I have been on vacation and this has been very helpful for my cat sitter. Highly recommend!

  49. LiloMisoLiloMiso

    A must for small spaces

    I moved into a small apartment and wanted something to eliminate the odor – this was it! This product has completely eliminated the odor and the need to constantly clean the litter box. My cats took too it almost immediately (pictured). Assuming this box will last, it’s 100% the price.

    One person found this helpful

  50. axeman

    Perfect (Update x3)

    *Update 5-6-22* 3-StarsA few more days after the recalibration of the unit, the “auto” clean feature stopped working again. I was able to recalibrate it once more, and resolve the issue, but for obvious reasons, that’s a bit annoying. All things considered, I’ve updated my review to 3-Stars.This is a $500 piece of equipment and my expectations where high. But the truth is, it’s quite delicate and requires very optimal conditions to work correctly. If anything causes the sensors not work appropriately, you need to start from the beginning, recalibrate, and do it all again. Again, while that doesn’t sound terrible, the entire reason we purchased this was to make the litter process easier. Now, while it’s “hands free” as in we don’t scoop litter, we now have to maintain a delicate, finicky piece of equipment.Pretty much, if you do anything to the machine, you need to reset it by unplugging it and replugging it. And I mean anything. Replace the waste bag, clean it, replace litter, open the waste drawer, if your cat has gained weight or lost weight – seriously, the sensors are very delicate.The warranty process can also be better. First, they sent me the recalibration instructions. Now, they’re mailing me new sensors to install. If that doesn’t work, they offered a 10% partial refund… make your own judgement on if you think that’s appropriate for a purchase of this price.All in all, it does what it says it’ll do, if you take extreme care. For us, we were looking for a much more hands-off box.And I want to be clear, our cat is indoor outdoor. He probably uses the box 1/4 as often as an indoor cat. I couldn’t imagine this machine with full use, or with multiple cats! It would be unusable in that case – constantly jammed up and malfunctioning sensors – in my opinion.*Update 5-3-22* 4-StarsFirstly, catlink was very responsive; within 24 hours. Turns out, the weight sensors needed to be recalibrated, which makes sense. If you think about it, these sensors have to be extremely delicate by design to sense a cat – potentially a kitten – which can weigh only a few pounds. So, if the weight is off by even a little from the time it was initially calibrated (when you plugged it in) the machine can easily think your cat never left and thus never auto clean by design.In our case, we “topped off” the litter after it got low, which was the mistake. Probably weighed the sensors down just enough to think our cat was in their permanently. So, advice #1, don’t top off litter.Advice #2, clean the bin often, even if your cat is indoor/outdoor like ours and doesn’t use the box daily. Again, accumulating waste in the bin can add up and mess with the sensors.With all of that being said, it’s all in all a little disappointing. I get the delicacy of the sensors and why it is the way it is, but the fact that you have to be exceptionally careful when adding litter or accumulating waste is a little off-putting. You almost have to know exactly how much you put in the first time and keep that weight neutral in perpetuity. If you overfill the next time, it can mess with the sensors. If you wait too long to empty, it can mess with the sensors. If you throw a towel over the machine without thinking, it can mess with the sensors – you get the idea. And then you have to recalibrate. It’s nice that you can, but the process is lengthy.So, while the machine is still very nice and still offers us the features we were looking for, it is not as “set-it-and-forget-it” as we initially thought (which maybe was short-sighted on our part). If you’re not careful, you can easily comeback to a filthy liter box from a 2-night trip that is just a gross as a $12 standard box from walmart.If anyone has this same weight sensor issue, or if you’re just curious, I’ve posted the response from catlink below.HiThank you for purchasing our cat litter box.We are so sorry for the unpleasant shopping experience.The device won’t run automatically probably because the weighing is inaccurate, we need to zero and calibrate to fix it.The zeroing steps are as follows:1. Please ensure that there are no objects around the machine, the ground is flat, and the bottom sensing feet are active;2. Switch the mode to “manual mode”;3. At this time, press and hold the “setting” button on the panel to hear two beeps and release your finger. At this time, the “manual mode light” on the panel flashes at the same time;4. Then you hear a “beep” and the “manual mode light” is always on, which means that the reset is successful.The calibration steps are as follows:1. Please ensure that there are no objects around the machine, the ground is flat, and the bottom sensing feet are active;2. Prepare 1.5kG items (can be 1.5L mineral water);3. Unplug the power cord and plug it back in. When the ball chamber rotates, immediately place the 1.5KG item in the ball chamber (regardless of whether the ball chamber rotates or stops);4. At this time, long press the “setting” button on the panel, when you hear five “beeps” and release your finger, and the manual indicator light “flashes”;5. When you hear a “beep” and the manual indicator light on the panel is “off”, the calibration is successful.After zeroing and calibration, the issue should be fixed. Please do not put the device on the carpet, it will affect the weighing. If there is still a problem with the device, please contact us in time, we will try our best to help you until the problem is solved.Best regardsCatlink*Update 5-2-22* 1-StarWell, after about a month, the auto feature stopped working. I’ve attempted to reset the unit by unplugging it, but it hasn’t worked. Also cannot enter the settings mode anymore to try and reset the timer.I’ve emailed customer service, but haven’t heard back just yet. If they respond and we can resolve this, I’ll update my review. But, right now, it’s a waste of $500. Sad.ORIGINAL REVIEW 5-StarsJust what we needed for our cat for when we’re gone overnight. I set it up, plugged it in, allowed it to run a test cycle, filled it with litter and then followed the instructions to change the timer from 3 minutes to 10 minutes which I highly recommend to allow for adequate clumping.Our cat is an indoor outdoor cat so he doesn’t use the litter box as much as indoor cats but when he does, he really does. For when we’re gone for a couple of days, this is perfect for him. Instead of coming home to a filthy litter box that neither our cat nor we enjoy, we now come home to a virtually odorless, clean litter box that he has no problem using over and over again. Plus, we save on litter, bags, and of course scooping.Overall love it.

    92 people found this helpful

  51. Ellie

    Worth every penny!

    I bought this litterbox because I was DONE with all the smells that were coming from our pellet system. Also, we had 4 litterboxes (2 in each bathroom) which were taking up a ton of space. Because the CatLink was significantly cheaper than the Litter Robot, I decided to give it a go although I was definitely skeptical that it would perform well.To my surprise, it works perfectly! We’ve had it for over a month now with no issues. Our cats took to it immediately, even our very timid kitty. It is super low maintenance and the best part is: THERE IS NO SMELL. None. Everything is contained in the box below and it does an excellent job blocking out odors.People have mentioned issues with their CatLinks but we haven’t encountered those. The auto feature only stops working when the box underneath is full, and it has a red light to indicate this. The only real issue we encountered was in some of the instructions. They stated we needed to push certain buttons in order to add time to the automatic cleaning cycle, but the buttons in the instructions were wrong. We eventually figured it out though.Overall, we are all (kitties included) so happy to have this addition in our home! I’m never going back to regular litter boxes

  52. Michelle

    Instructions are Poor; It does the job

    I bought this item at the beginning of December 2022, and it’s now the end of December 2022. I got one because one of my sons has a similar (better) one, and being disabled, I thought (key word: THOUGHT) it would make this chore easier.I have to admit, each time I work on/clean up/empty this thing, my two dogs and especially my cat run to hide, because I go into hysterics trying to get the thing to do what I want it to do. At first, I was unable to get the thing into auto mode, no matter what I did. So each time my cat went, I had to follow up after her. I’d curse at the $600 monstrosity that takes up about 15% of the room it’s in.Then one day it randomly decided it was going to turn… and turn… and turn… I unplugged it, waited 30 seconds, and plugged it back it. It greeted me with non-stop circles. I finally unplugged the hunk of junk and called the 800 number. No one answered the phone, I left a message, and got a return call within a few hours by someone who actually speaks good English. He was very helpful and sent me an email with a list of things to do.Why isn’t this info in the booklet provided? I was able to fix the issue, and wonder of all things I actually got it into Auto mode. No idea how I did it. I held down the second button for no idea how long and it decided to finally beep and go into auto mode.It’s been good for about 2 weeks, and today I went to empty the monster (imagine big mouth, blinking lights, makes weird noises), and I had to scrape the urine stickiness off the bottom. I wanted it to empty the entire thing, but it wouldn’t go into that mode. No matter how long I held down the buttons. So I unplugged it, waited about 10 seconds, plugged it back in, and it went into error mode. At this, I held in my scream so my neighbors wouldn’t come running, and burst into tears. I. Am. So. Sick. Of. This. Thing.The bags are difficult to put into place, but they do their job. Can’t wait to find others to replace them with.On a funny side note, one of my dogs doesn’t understand why it turns after my cat has been in it. I think she believes the monster is trying to eat the kitty, so she barks at it… At 2am, then at 3:30am, then at 5am. She’s finally concluded the monster won’t eat the little voluptuous fur ball, and has calmed down a bit.Anyhow, what your company needs to do is put ALL of the information into the booklet. Even the bad stuff. Add the link to your YouTube channel so people can watch your videos. Stop causing those of us who own these monsters to go through so much hassle and guessing games. I still have no idea how to get this thing to do what I want it to do. I can’t get the Play button to do anything now it’s in auto mode. I tried to hold down the other button to get it into manual mode, but it won’t do it. And I’m scared to death if I do get it back into manual mode, it won’t go back into auto mode. It’s ridiculous. The only reason I haven’t returned it is because it took me 2 hours just to get it into the spot it’s in. And the thing is nasty now.Please do something about your instructions so we know how to make these beasts work!

    10 people found this helpful

  53. AkomAkom

    Very small waste bin and absolutely not for cats that pee a lot

    The litterbox itself works very well, it runs when it should and not when it shouldn’t. A full roll of custom size trash bags is a welcome touch.My complaints are about the mess and the small waste bin. The waste bin fills in 3 days with 2 cats. I have a cat that drinks a lot, and uses the litterbox every few hours. The litterbox runs each time, but a wet paste is left around the perimeter (she pees on the edge).Worse yet, when the globe rotates, the rubber floor “pops” while upside down, presumably in order to unglue stuck clumps. This is good, in theory, but when this happens, the clumps drop like bombs onto the roof (which is now on the bottom), and get very firmly stuck there. After the cleaning cycle, the clumps are now attached to the roof (see photo). Cats now walk out covered in litter because they rub on the roof stalactites. Add daily roof cleaning to my task list.Additionally, my female cat pees over the edge, nearly every time. I’ve improvised a “lip” to raise the edge, and it mostly works, but it makes the box less attractive for the cats since it’s harder to get in. There is also no ramp, so I had to improvise that too (a 1×2 porcelain tile on yoga blocks).So, all in all, I went from cleaning normal litterboxes twice a week to dealing with this mess daily. And I paid a lot of money for the trouble.I’ve even tried the very expensive “Litter Care non-stick spray”. As you can see in the photo, it didn’t help. For the record, I’m using Arm and Hammer Slide litter. I’ll try a few others and update if it helps.UPDATE: I added a bigger “lip” cut from a gallon milk jug to the entryway. The cats seeem to make it over it (begrudgingly), and this may have solved the peeing issue. For a ramp, I am using a tile over two boxes and a little mat to catch stuff.UPDATE 2: Arm and Hammer Multi-Cat litter is working better than Arm and Hammer Slide. The “bombs” usually don’t stick to the ceiling any longer, and the wet sludge by the edge seems to have lessened (although it may just be because of the bigger lip that prevents my cat from peeing in that area).

    10 people found this helpful

  54. Lie RenLie Ren

    Hands-Free and Odor-Free: Very good Automatic Cat Litter Box

    I am happy to give this cat litter box a positive review. It has truly freed up my hands. It is very easy to operate – just press a button to activate the automatic cleaning cycle, and the 3-minute interval ensures the safety of the cat. Additionally, its odor control is very powerful, as the garbage bin is blocked by the cat litter, ensuring that odors are almost completely eliminated. Finally, the litter box has a large capacity, suitable for multiple cats to use (but please ensure that you have enough space at home, as it can be a double-edged sword). Overall, this litter box has completely replaced my work, and I am extremely satisfied with its performance.

    2 people found this helpful

  55. Kelly J

    Works in my home office

    We purchased this automatic litter box to put in my home office because the other boxes we were using just didn’t help with the smell. This automatic litter box has really helped. It’s super quiet too (most times I barely hear it working… only an occasional squeaking noise). We had a Litter Robot brand in the past, but it was louder and more particular about being placed on carpet (it would oftentimes stop working).We bought the optional step to go with ours. It’s not really necessary… a box with a rug on it actually worked fine until the step arrived. Once it was delivered and put into place, though, the cats were a little hesitant to use it… they weren’t too sure about all the holes in it and the slight flexibility of the plastic as they walk on it. But, I just held them and talked calmly to them while gently putting their feet on it until all of their weight was on it. Once they realized that it was safe, they started using it with no problems. The cats like to sit on a nearby table and watch it rotate.We’re using Tidy Cat Lightweight type litter and it works fine. The chute where the waste drops into the bin below seems to funnel everything nicely. We’ve had a few “clingers” – to the rubber liner, the plastic walls, and the chute, but it’s probably because one of the cats has the scoots right now because we changed food brands. It seems to scrape off fairly easy with a little help from the litter scoop and a quick swipe with a disinfectant wipe. The “fence” in the opening helps keep litter inside… we didn’t have that feature with our Litter Robot and it has been nice on this one.One drawback we’ve found is that the carrying handles are a little low, which makes it kind of difficult to lift and move it without having your face practically IN the litter box (not really… but very close!). We had the same problem with the Litter Robot style too. I almost wish someone would invent some sort of carrying “handle” that would fit around the bottom, come up the sides and snap together at the top so you could just pick it up with that instead. We don’t have to move it very often, but when we do, it would be nice if there was an easier way to do it.Overall, we’re happy with it so far and are actually looking forward to getting another one so we can (hopefully) get rid of the regular litter boxes for good.UPDATE after having this litter box for a little over a month… The error light started flashing and will not stop. I’ve emptied it and changed the bag… still flashing. I’ve taken the drawer out and looked all over inside for something that might be stuck… nothing… and still flashing. I’ve unplugged it and plugged it back in… still flashing. I now have to manually run the cycle on my AUTOMATIC SELF-CLEANING litter box. I contacted CatLink and they sent me a video on how to change a “light curtain”. ??? I didn’t spend over $500 on an AUTOMATIC SELF-CLEANING litter box to have to turn around and disassemble the entire unit and fix it myself with parts that I don’t even have or know how to get! I’ve reduced my star rating to 2 stars for now. I’ve requested to CatLink to return it and get my money back. I’ll update my review when this is resolved.UPDATE #2… CatLink customer service has been great. They resolved my issue very quickly. I updated my star rating accordingly.

    23 people found this helpful

  56. Ken Campbell

    Good customer service

    l really wanted this product to work, but it did not do what it was supposed to for my two cats.(1) It looked as though it was going to work until I noticed that the waste was getting stuck to the inside rotating surface. This caused the waste to not only not empty but was actually stuck overhead in the normal position. This would drop down on the cats’ backs as they used it the next time.(2) Contrary to another reviewer’s comments, it is not big enough. I have an 18 lb. cat who touches the “ceiling” when using it. This also puts him in contact with the waste stuck overhead. There is no room to turn around once inside. He gives up and goes on the floor.(3) The collection bin is too small. The waste drops down to the bin and just stays where it lands. It does not spread out and causes ther error light to come on toi tell you it is full.(4) If you overfill it the excess litter is dumped in the collection bin and wasted. If you have too little litter, a large urination session seeps through to the bottom of the layer of litter and causes a clump that sticks to the bottom.(5) That means you have to keep cleaning (scraping the clumps from the surface), manually shaking the litter collection tray to spread out the waste to keep the error light off ot keep refilling it a little at a time daily. I now spend three times the amount of time maintaining my “automatic” litter box than I used to when I was scooping.(6) It also takes too long to cycle. I get that it moves slowly for cat safety and that the delay after the cat uses it is a chance for them to clear the area, but my cats usually want to use the box one after another. The second cat either encounters a rotaing box or has to wait 5 minutes before it can use it.(7) I have yet to be able to let it work by itself for one full day yet, let alone days or weeks.Maybe a small cat using iot will be okay. Not for mine. I have now spent over $500 to be able to work six times harder to clean my cats’ litter box than when I was just scooping. Does the process work–yes, in theory, but there are way too many things that can still go wrong–especially for that price!I personally believe that this product has way to many issues when used by larger cats. I bought this after reading other reviews. I notice now that the majority of the reviews were given by people who got this product for free.I have bumped up my review from two stars to four stars because of the effort customer service made to make me happy, but I cannot give it a five star rating because none of the issues I had with it have been resolved. It may work for you, especially with a smaller cat, but did not work at all for me.The small circular area a large cat has to “go” in makes it almost impossible not to have it wet the sides. This causes the litter to clump and stick to the surface because there is little to no litter there.Again, may work for small cat. I was asked to give them a 5 star review after they compensated me. I felt they were trying to buy me off by making me feel guilty if I didn’t. I wonder how many other reviews were made the same way. There are way too many things wrong with it to earn that many 5 star reviews (unless you got it free-as many did-of course).Again, I increased my review rating because of support-not because the product was better or the issues were resolved

    77 people found this helpful

  57. Tim Emberton

    Totally Worth Every Penny

    I should have bought this litter box sooner! It is a complete game changer to not have to scoop the litter box everyday! It has a large disposal bin so you don’t have empty it everyday. I have 3 cats and they didnt have any problem adjusting to it… The only con I see is it is kind of difficult to fill through the front opening, but it isnt that big of a deal.

    One person found this helpful

  58. crystal harper

    Best money I’ve ever spent

    I have 3 cats, one that wouldn’t use the litter box ever and I was losing my mind trying to make her… she uses it 100% of the time. She thought it was a toy at first and just played with it but did figure it out by day 3. My house smells clean and you wouldn’t know I have animals which is amazing. 100% recommend.

  59. Marrilee West

    Great product and Costomer service

    This cat box is great. It only takes 5 minutes to deal with the cat box and that includes walking the trash bag out to the can. Also, you only have to deal with odor for 3 minutes until the box does its thing. I use baking soda and other deodorizers to help keep cat poop smell down while I wait 3 minutes for the box to do its thing. I recommend Rocco & Roxie Litter Box Odor Eliminator. Works really well. I had my cat box over 6 months with no issues and my cat loves it. I bought this one for my mom. When I thought we had an issue and I contacted customer service they were on the ball and very accommodating. It turned out to be stupid customer syndrome on my part because I couldn’t find the power cord, manual or trash bags that come with it. My mom had taken them out and put them on her mini dishwasher and when I mentioned the power cord she didn’t put 2 & 2 together because she only noticed the trash bags. Well it got resolved and My mom’s cat loves it. My mom’s Chihuahua hates it because she only has 3 minutes before the cat poop is gone. I would Highly recommend this cat box. I know it is expensive but it is well worth ever penny. My old automatic cat boxes would, although only once every few weeks, take an hour to deal with. I LOOOOOVE only needing to commit 5 minutes of my time to the cat box. When the red light comes on the first week, you only have to get your cat scoop and shove the waist to the other side of the waist tray, left to right then close it up. The second week when the red light comes on you change out the bag. I recommend getting the CatLinx Ramp. I know it cost 100 bucks but it is well worth it. The litter from the cat’s feet fall into the wholes in the ramp and doesn’t get on your floor. One last thing. Use Arm and Hammer Slide cat litter. It works best with this and other automatic cat boxes because it doesn’t stick to the walls. It slides right off just like it advertises. I hope my review and recommendations helps you. I normally don’t do reviews but I though I would this time.

    9 people found this helpful

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