(51 customer reviews)

36″ Heavy-Duty Dog Grooming Table


36″ Heavy-Duty Dog Grooming Table

(51 customer reviews)

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🐾 High quality non-slip pure rubber matting for a safe grooming experience.

🐾 Static-free board to prevent hair and debris from sticking and make cleaning easy.

🐾 7-Layer waterproof seal to keep dampness away from the plywood top for long-lasting use.

🐾 Deluxe aluminum edging and design support brackets to accommodate heavy dogs.

🐾 Steel-reinforced rubber caps for added stability.

🐾 Heavy-duty stainless steel folding legs that do not rust or corrode.

🐾 Collapsible for easy storage and portability, making it ideal for mobile groomers.

🐾 Size: 36” x 24” x 0.8” (L x W x Thickness), with a weight capacity of 330 lbs.

🐾 Package includes a grooming table, 2 adjustable arms, 1 adjustable overhead arm, 2 nooses, and 1 mesh tray.

Additional features of the pet grooming table include:

🐾 Made of solid and durable stainless steel frame, MDF board, and PVC feet pad.

Height adjustable H-frame with two nooses for different needs, and 8 tension knobs for easy arm height adjustment.

🐾 Thoughtful rounded table edges to prevent damage or injury, and anti-slip rubber feet for added stability and durability.

🐾 Includes 1 lower rack for temporary storage of grooming supplies.


Perfect for Professional and Home Grooming Needs Whether you’re a professional pet groomer or just looking for a way to groom your furry friend at home, our 36″ Folding Dog Pet Grooming Table is the perfect solution. Made of heavy-duty stainless steel, this table is sturdy enough to hold even the largest dogs, while the folding design makes it easy to store when not in use. The included noose ensures that your pet stays safe and secure during grooming, while the non-slip surface keeps them comfortable and stable.


Adjustable Height for Easy Grooming One of the key features of our 36″ Folding Dog Pet Grooming Table is its adjustable height. With just a few quick adjustments, you can set the table at the perfect height for your pet. making grooming easier and more comfortable for both you and your furry friend. And when you’re done, the table folds up easily for convenient storage.


Sturdy and Durable Construction Our 36″ Folding Dog Pet Grooming Table is built to last, with a solid stainless steel construction that can withstand years of use. The non-slip rubber surface provides a comfortable and secure grip for your pet, while the included noose keeps them safe and secure during grooming. And when you’re ready to pack up, the folding design makes it easy to store the table in a small space.

51 reviews for 36″ Heavy-Duty Dog Grooming Table

  1. AlexisAlexis

    Amazing product
    This product is made very well, we were quite impressed by the quality of this table overall.

  2. Lauren MilhousLauren Milhous

    This was the answer
    This made everything sooooo much easier on me and my little girl. It’s safe and it kept my dog from moving/sliding around. It’s like having another person help
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  3. Nicole Nicole

    Affordable for a reason
    Table top is bent on one side and curled up on the corner. Legs don’t even sit straight, so it’s wobbly. Bit of a disappointment with that, But it will get the job done I guess.
    One person found this helpful

  4. Johnathan S. Johnathan S.

    An ok grooming table
    The basket came bend, box it’s not well protected, the legs are uneven other then that it’s ok
    One person found this helpful

  5. KristineKristine

    Broken piece
    The media could not be loaded.  When I opened the box to assemble, I had found a piece broken. So I am unable to assessable and use the table without it. And it is difficult to lock the table to secure if I place my dog on top
    7 people found this helpful

  6. Ebrantley

    Nice table.
    Very nice grooming table. Well built and sturdy.Great customer service as well.
    3 people found this helpful

  7. Danielle

    Great table
    I love This table just a little heavy!
    3 people found this helpful

  8. Jody M.Jody M.

    Great table
    Very sturdy, easy to assemble- easy to move around. Bully proof
    4 people found this helpful

  9. rick

    Grooming table
    As a skilled Tool & Diemaker for 44 years I am quite impressed with the quality of this product. Best I’ve ever received from China
    8 people found this helpful

  10. MichelleMichelle

    Fits all dog sizes, small to large, and STURDY!
    This table is awesome! Assembly was easy. It is very sturdy, adjustable and foldable. The only things that weren’t great quality were the loops which were pretty basic. There are much better ones available you can buy and swap them out.The bar is adjustable and very sturdy. I had no concerns about this table tipping over, no matter how close to the edge they sat or rowdy they got.I have included pictures of three dogs on the table for reference. The chocolate lab weighs 73 lbs, the brindle mix is 64 lbs, and the little guy is 12 lbs.This table was packaged well, and is foldable so you don’t have to worry about it taking up too much space when not in use!Definitely recommended for buzzing down larger dogs as this will really save your back!
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  11. Starlight Dragonfly

    Better home grooming necessity
    This is my second grooming table. From what I can tell, despite being different brands, they’re pretty much the same design but this one is the next size up. It gives my goldendoodle more room and she feels more secure since she’s not close to stepping off the side with one leg movement. The legs are sturdy and don’t wobble. The arm clamps are solid and none have slipped. The leg locks line up just fine, so no issues there for us. The rack underneath is great to keep all your tools handy without all the fur / hair falling on them as you. It also comes with the slip leashes to keep the front and back ends from moving too much, which is important! I feel like she is secure on the table and it definitely makes it easier for me to get her completely groomed, nose to nail, head ears to paws!

  12. tnek

    Great Table to Own
    I have a small dog and a very big dog. This Grooming table is good quality and sturdy .Assembly was easy. I love that it folds up for easier storage.Great value and Highly Recommend.

  13. Mr. Furkins’ Human

    Nice quality grooming table
    I got this table for grooming my maltipoo puppy. The table was easy to set up and the arm was easy to assemble. The table is way bigger than what I need for my little 4lb dog, but it’s probably ideal for a larger dog.

  14. Jeannette BelliveauJeannette Belliveau

    Absolutely wonderful, provides comfortable back relief while grooming my Shetland sheepdog
    My current living situation in a rural area means I do not have access to a pet retailer with grooming stations nor much of anything comfortable in terms of tables, tubs or shelves to bathe my 50-pound sheltie. To the rescue comes this Roomtech 46-inch dog grooming table. It folds open in under a minute, and maybe another five minutes to assemble the overhead pieces to attach a lead to. The arrangement of the supports is logical, and the drawings in the instructions are clear.Finally I was able to easily bring a hose to the table and with no back strain whatsoever, bath, rinse and condition and brush my dog. He was able to be comfortable as well. The restraining lead is a bit tight on him, so I will figure out how to make that a bit longer. Ah yes, looking at the instructions, I can simply lower the grooming arm by loosening the knurled knobs and pulling the sidearms down a bit. The legs and table surface are quite sturdy.This looks to be pretty portable, and also includes a basket underneath for grooming suppplies.The water from the bath sat on top of the table surface, and I was able to easily wipe it off.Review of ROOMTEC 46″ Dog Grooming Table,Foldable Home Pet Bathing Station with Adjustable Height Arm/Noose/Mesh Tray

  15. Judith NJudith N

    Awesome grooming table
    Very sturdy and durable. Assembly was a breeze and it folds easily for storage. Highly recommend!

  16. Condor

    Large and sturdy
    The bar on this table going all the way across makes a huge difference in that the loops can be adjusted indefinitely. My dog finally no longer can sit down! The table is large enough for a Rottweiler but suitable for a small dog as well due to those adjustments. The wire shelf underneath could have been a tad wider but is adequate. My table arrived with a small dent in the frame, probably from shipping, since this is a heavy table. It’s just a minor little blemish, nothing that will affect performance. I love that table, it allows me to add a hammock so I can finally work on feet without the dog tucking them under all the time. This is a great table that is making my life so much easier.
    One person found this helpful

  17. Honolulubelle

    Good for Small to Medium Dogs
    This was very easy to set up with good quality material on the tabletop making it easy to ensure pet safety. The only cons would be that the basket came bent and the grooming bars are a little difficult use when you have a dog on the table. Overall great if you just want something to groom your own small to medium-sized dog, which is what I purchased it for.
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  18. MadROMAD

    Great Grooming Table
    This ROOMTEC 46″ dog grooming table has been a life saver when it comes to grooming our dogs. We decided that it was time to learn to do it ourselves. We have terrible time finding groomers in our area and when we do they charge and arm and a leg. So, we got this foldable grooming and bathing table to do it ourselves. The table was easy to put together and take down for easy storage use. We were able to get a harness to hang our small dog from the table so we could cut her nails and groom her. The bottom has a basket for storage use. Price is good and the table is sturdy and made of good quality material.

  19. S. Wussow

    Some Concerning Defects
    The table arrived with some minor dents to the frame and to the wire hanging tray; the packaging inserts seem to have shifted during transport.The tabs on the legs do not insert into their allocated slots; the legs seem misaligned, and cannot be extended outward enough to meet those slots. That is a safety concern, particularly with a larger dog, as the legs could fold back down and the table collapse under its weight.Also of concern with a larger dog is the single screw in the corner of the upright supports, which “secures” those supports in place: there are no insertion holes for the screws in the uprights, and so it is just one small screw providing a little bit of tension that keeps those bars from sinking down in their mounts. I have a 15# dog and feel relatively confident her weight will be supported, but I would not use this if I had a larger, heavier dog.The surface of the table is in fact quite slippery, and not as “grippy” as I would like for my dog’s safety.The top crossbar has slots for restraints, but they’re not useful with S-hooks when using a sling, as they do not run the length of the bar – there are none in the center of the bar, which means that if you had a small dog and were using a small sling, they would be useless. As a sling should not be used for a dog over 30#; the placement of those holes corresponds to the restraints for larger dogs, which are included. The top bar is adequate for supporting my small dog in a sling, but does not seem to be sturdy enough for a dog which weighs more than she does.It would be nice to have some type of markings on the uprights to make it easier to get them into the same height position.I feel there are safety concerns with this table’s quality of design and manufacture which are not in line with the pricing. It is also difficult to store/transport without some type of carrying case.
    4 people found this helpful

  20. Christine K. Cornett-McVay

    Sturdy design
    Height adjusts easily. A good sized area for even a bigger dog to stand upon comfortably. Simple to wash down and sanitize. A strong stainless steel frame with a tough surface. Can hold a lot of weight safely. Legs fold up easily. Can handle water, dog pee etc. Durable hardware. No sharp corners. The legs lock securely in place. Simple to store in a closet.
    3 people found this helpful

  21. Star

    I’m finally getting around to setting this up!
    I’ve needed one of these for a while, but got too busy to set it up, and ended up taking my dog to get his nails done a few more times… but that’s $22 plus tip, and with this I can do it myself, not to mention grooming the dogs and a certain cat of mine who won’t let me groom him without a struggle. This will save me a lot of money and grief. It comes with the harness and harness holder, and the table seems strong. It’s not as bad to assemble as I’d feared; one person can set it up. I think I’ll be happy with this item!
    2 people found this helpful

  22. GLADFam88GLADFam88

    Fantastic table!
    I bit the bullet and decided to start grooming my girl after groomers were hooked for months. I al so happy I did! This table is awesome! Its very sturdy, its the perfect height to groom. There is a little wire rack on the bottom for storage. Its the only part that a bit flimsy, it does pop up of there is ant anything on there. Once you have some baskets for storage its works great. Its not too big and light enough to move it around if you need it outside or some other place. Overall I am very pleased with this! Its already paid for its self in the money I have saves for grooms!
    One person found this helpful

  23. AnitaAZAnitaAZ

    Solid, dining table height
    Stable solid table here. It’s the same height as my dining table and desk. The leg design seems to be key at making it more stable than another I’ve had. Not that you won’t get a little feedback if you bump the table, but by no means does it shake. The tabletop is covered in a harder, but still non slip surface which is raised chamfered squares. It gives your pet some grip and still easily cleans off. The cross bar, and vertical supports, are stainless steel square tubing and connect using beefy plastic components with large handled turn screws. You can adjust the height of the horizontal bar at either the vertical or horizontal connectors. It’s sturdy enough for my to sling my 5lb pup for trimming without any signs of bowing, so I tried my 12lb pup in the sling, also without bowing. I like the height, it allows me to sit while working on my longer coat smaller pups, or doing the under carriage of my larger pups, then stand for the top parts. The first couple of times I used it, I did take the time to take it down. What I found is there’s no way to attach the wire basket shelf and all the other components to the table and keep everything together. So ended up keeping it up, but removing the posts and bar, store those and grooming items on the basket, covering it with a table cloth and using it as a work area in a spare bedroom. This is a great table for at home groomings, or a groomer just starting out, just pay attention to the max height of the horizontal bar, as it won’t accommodate my 100 plus pound bird dog since it won’t go high enough without it being in the way of her head. But it’s a good height for a Labrador and smaller.Hopefully this was helpful, Thank you!
    10 people found this helpful

  24. AuroraBoreWallace

    Groomin like a Pro
    We have 2 Labradoodles, and this grooming table is just what we needed. great price and sturdy construction. they are able to stand at a height that makes drying, nail trimming, ear cleaning super easy! the head lead helps keep them steady and we can get these tasks done fast.
    2 people found this helpful

  25. tylertyler

    Quick assembly, awesome table
    I got this table because my dogs are non-compliant when I groom their feet and legs. I tried to play with them when they were puppies but to no avail they ended up setting boundaries anyway. I used to take them to a groomer, but I have 3 dogs now and one is reactive to strangers, so I had to take matters into my own hands.I love this table. The table is fully assembled and is a simple folding table, with the legs just extending and retracting. The basket sits in the legs, it isn’t anything exceptional but it’s a nice feature for storage. The table top is a nice textured material, it’s easy to clean because it’s a plastic feel but it isn’t completely flat and smooth/slippery for the dog to stand on. The arms are lightweight and super easy to assemble, just a few clockwise turns on each one and your gripped to the table. The overhead pole has two places on both ends of the dog to clip in leashes or restraints, which is nice if you have a larger or smaller dog. These clips aren’t spread very far apart, but the extra 2 inches helps when you go from a 35lb dog to a 60lb dog. My 35, 40, and 60lb dogs all were sturdy and had enough room on this table, and even with some resistance weren’t able to pull the arms off or anything. I have yet to try to hang a grooming hammock from the top bar but I’m betting it’ll support it, I’ll update once I eventually try that.Overall I recommend this a lot. Although it’s >$100, I’d recommend it to anyone with a dog. It’s a great table and it’s going to save me $30+ a month in nail trims and more on legs and butt hair trims. It’s excellent too for brushing.
    10 people found this helpful

  26. Sarah

    Better than an attachable bar
    I bought one of those clip on dog grooming set ups. You can attach it to pretty much any table. I personally prefer grooming my dog outside because of all the flying fur. Then it’s outside and I can clean up easy and I like to think that the birds can also use pieces they find for their nests. This works fine. But, if like me your using a table you actually use, I learned it’s not ideal. I was using a wood picnic table. Well that’s where we eat. Having dog feet and fur to clean afterwards was not feeling like a stellar plan. After a few times I was done with that set up and cleaning. So I decided to look for a table and grooming apparatus that was devoted to grooming.My table hook on device only had a neck holder. This particular one has the option of two which I like. I think it helps steady the dog and gives me an easier time of grooming. Having the dog elevated saves my back and knees. Also, not using my picnic table, I can get closer and I’m not trying to reach over the bench or rest my knees on the bench. Because of this I think I do a quicker and better job.Overall having a dedicated table is helpful for me. I think my dog appreciates it too since I feel like it’s more efficient. Naturally doggie knows when it’s time to get groomed as I get out the table. The table is well made and for my monthly haircuts, I think the price is worth it. It also saves me quite a bit of money versus taking my dog into a groomer.
    2 people found this helpful

  27. Lisa

    Dog grooming table
    This is exactly what we need a sturdy grooming table that can fit animals up to 300 pounds. It has an H shaped arm design that has a more secure feel to it. The H shaped design feels extremely secure. The pet grooming table is made of thick MDF sheet and covered with waterproof and non-slip insulating coating, with rounded corners to prevent bumping. The table break down quick when not in use. We are happy with it,
    2 people found this helpful

  28. Survivalfour

    I use this table for my doodles. My oldest is about 60 lbs and the table holds up well. It’s adjustable which helps since my doodles are different sizes. It comes with ropes to secure your dog to the table. The basket on the bottom holds my blowdryer perfect. When your not using it to groom the table is also big enough to use as a table for temporary use like BBQs.
    One person found this helpful

  29. Lacey P.

    So handy!!
    Absolutely fantastic and a necessity if you groom your own pets! I have a handful of dogs, mostly shih tzu and others with long hair that I normally groom myself to keep the bill down. It’s always a fight trying to keep them still and also find a good, comfortable height table to use. Before this table my back was always so sore from having to bend over to cut their hair. Now it’s a breeze and I look forward to it. This is a really quality, folding table that takes very little assembly. If you have room for it, I definitely recommend. Being able to attach the dogs and keeps them in place saves a lot of trouble. Love it!
    One person found this helpful

  30. shoeaddictshoeaddict

    Get this and save your back!
    I got the worst sciatica pain for over half a year now after de-shedding my Lab while crouched over his cot bed for 45 minutes. Dumbest thing I’ve done last year. I’m still dealing with the pain. This is the best investment I’ve made for my back pain so far. Thirty Chiropractor visit didn’t do anything. Especially if you keep trying to groom your dog the same way.The table is sturdy and easy to fold and unfold. The surface is a bit slippery for my dog’s very dry paw pads but manageable. I also knocked off a star for the table arriving dented, like many others here have experienced.As a bonus, my Lab stays very calm on this table for some reason. I had to hold a chew for him during brushing so he’d stay still, but that’s no longer an issue. He won’t stand up for me, though, but I’m still thankful for not having to bend over anymore.Do your back a favor and get this or similar table – especially if you have an extreme shedder, like a Labrador Retriever.
    2 people found this helpful

  31. Deborah CDeborah C

    Works great!
    Works great for my 3 dogs. The bars are completely adjustable so it is easy to get the 15lb guy done and then the 45lb & 55lb girls.I do wish it folded flat and there was a better way to store without having to completely disassemble everything. But if you don’t take the bars completely apart it only takes about 5 mins to setup.I use the straps that came with it for my boy. I do wish the slider could be secured once in place. I use it in conjunction with a grooming hammock for the girls and can finally do nail trims at home by myself.
    3 people found this helpful

  32. CosmogalCosmogal

    Life saver! Back saver!
    Perfect for grooming my dogs. I love that it isn’t slippery on top and very sturdy. I think my cat thought it was for her and decided to get on it and groom herself. I was very surprised at the durability of it. So happy I went and bought this. If you groom your dogs, this is a must have.
    One person found this helpful

  33. Liane Williams

    Great little table!
    Got this for my oodles of mini poodles to help with grooming. Prior to the table, I was doing the bend and stoop and ended up with back aches and kinda’ crooked. So far so good! It’s great for the price point and serves its purpose. However, be sure to lock the legs in place otherwise if you push the table ( like I was when I was trying to move it out of the way of my sink) it will collapse. Pups were not on the table at the time of the collapse thankfully. Otherwise, it’s great!
    One person found this helpful

  34. God is a refuge for us (Psalms 62:8)

    Amazon was the seller. I paid 107 bucks.It’s sturdy and appears to be well made. Using it to help with dog nail trims.With two dogs, it will pay for itself in 5 months. And it’s much more convenient to do it at home.

  35. Scott R

    Works great for dogs of varying sizes.
    Sent this as a holiday gift to my son and daughter in law who have a small and a large dog.They have used this multiple times and say it makes it so much easier to groom their dogs.They really like it.Very table especially with their larger dog.It arrived undamaged and ready to put together which they said was also a very simple process.
    One person found this helpful

  36. Kel

    Legs do not lock
    The table is easy to assemble and easy to store. However, the legs do not actually lock in place. One wrong push on this table and a leg will tuck and collapse an end of the table. So do not try to push the table for any reason. Other than that, it gets the job done.

  37. Bodus67Bodus67

    Sturdy table
    Had a bit of trouble locking the legs, but expected it from the reviews. Be careful when locking the legs as the metal is sharp. I plan to keep this set up vs closing/opening for travel so the tricky legs is not an issue for me. Sturdy construction. Some dents in the metal edging around the table top. My only complaint is that the storage basket is super flimsy. Too bad the manufacturer didn’t go with a thicker gauge wire. That would have bumped my rating to a 5 star.
    2 people found this helpful

  38. Shari

    It will do
    This is a great, easy table to use but it is questionable with big dogs. If they get excited at all, the table almost topples with all the weight.

  39. Mark S.

    Does the trick
    Use this for my standard goldendoodle. Table is sturdy as are the vertical and horizontal bars. A little bit of a pain to assembling the bars to the table each time I use it. It is a little awkward to set up, take down, and store each time, but I don’t have a good area to leave it set up. That would be the easiest. Overall I’m very pleased with this purchase. It meets all my needs for in home grooming of my doodle.
    8 people found this helpful

  40. JustMyOpinionJustMyOpinion

    Solid Build, Great Back Saver!
    I have a Goldendoodle that I trim myself. I don’t need her to have a show-worthy cut – just maintain comfort in the Summer and for face/bum/paw tidy ups in between and during the Winter.I was really surprised how sturdy this table is. It’s well built and I really appreciate the overhead bar. My girl is pretty good but it’s just nice to know I can turn my back for 2 seconds and she’ll be exactly where I left her. The non-slip top is really useful too as the hair on her feet makes it hard for her to not slip on smooth surfaces.It’s pretty intuitive to put together and you can easily dismantle and fold away when not in use. This is going to be a game changer for my back.
    6 people found this helpful

  41. Rocky d

    A great grooming table that is very sturdy and well made. Folds up easily when not in use. Assembly was not hard.

  42. Mel P

    Works great
    Easy to assemble, works great

  43. A. Crowe

    Absolutely wonderful! Comes with bar and loops.
    The media could not be loaded.  Love that the table came with the arms and loops! The table I had before pictured those but did not come with them. I had brought in my grooming arm from my heavy duty rotating hydraulic table, thinking I was going to need it. Nope. Came with everything. I recently moved and I’m currently remodeling my entire house and will build a grooming area also, but in the meantime my dogs need groomed! This was very easy to put together and the table folds up so I can just put it in the closet til next month when they all need groomed again.
    2 people found this helpful

  44. Linda G. Hoeck

    GREAT table!!!
    Product was shipped quickly and arrived quickly, packaged well. Very sturdy and great quality for the price!

  45. Michele

    Perfect for me
    It was easy to put together. Good size. Good value for the money. I purchased it for the bar across the top which allows me use the sling to groom the nails of my smaller breeds. It sturdy. I use it for 25 pound dogs and under. They fit on it well. Very pleased
    5 people found this helpful

  46. Xiomara

    Excelente Artículo
    Me encantó la mesa. Ya viene armada y es muy resistente. Sumamente útil y el precio esta magnífico. La recomiendo 100%

  47. Susan Webb

    Nice Sturdy Table
    This table is perfect for grooming my 3 dogs. It is adjustable and has plenty of room. It is heavy but feels very sturdy. I would definitely buy it again.

  48. Lisa Frith

    Makes life so much easier!!
    This may be one of my best purchases ever! I have 5 dogs, 3 of which are standard golden doodles. After paying for professional grooming for several years, I started doing it at home. Well, that’s nice, if you have the right tools, and I did not. So I bought professional grooming shears, and this table, and I’m in love with it!!!! This is going to save my back, and thousands of dollars!!

  49. Gary

    Grooming Table
    Well made great non slip matting on top Also like the over head beam instead of the L that they usually have for more support and animal safety!!!

  50. R H.

    46″ table is Perfect for Woolly Husky & her two husky siblings
    I got this as a gift for my daughter and her husband. I put off buying it, because I was worried that it might not be big enough. It was perfect. Wish I would have gotten it sooner. I was told it was a very much needed gift, and the grooming process goes much quicker now.

  51. Julie C.

    Sturdy, heavy duty.
    I liked the heavy duty and sturdiness of the table, and the underneath shelve. What I didn’t like was the flimsy leashes that came with it. I had to repurchased different leashes. The leashes would hold a small, light dog, but not a big dog. The table would definitely hold a big heavy dog.
    4 people found this helpful

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